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  • built by phoque

    30, Male, Germany

  • Badges

    Create profiles badges with standard shapes, custom images or artist pics.

  • built by slosd

    26, Male, Austria

  • Band Logos

    Band Logos is a simple application that generates a banner of logos based on…

  • cmik.fm

    Visualises how diverse your listening habits are, and ranks you alongside other…

  • built by pootzko

    29, Male, Croatia

  • Combo Fm

    Create custom Last.fm stations and combinations!

  • built by tburny

    27, Male, Germany

  • Eyeball.fm

    EyeBall.fm is a new way to listen to and discover music online.

  • Flavors.me

    Create an elegant website using social content from around the web

  • Global Artist Map

    Reconstructing and visualising the structure of the world-wide music scene with…

  • built by ntamas

    33, Male, United Kingdom

  • GlobalBillboard

    Map top tracks and artists over the past week onto a Google Map of the world!

  • ImageWorth

    Find pictures on Flickr inspired by the songs you're listening to on Last.fm.

  • lastband.in

    Find artists on Bandcamp similar to artist you already like.

  • built by djsamba

    31, Male, Hong Kong

  • built by aplari

    Male, Finland

  • built by BioMSU

    Russian Federation

  • built by Anargeek

    32, Male, Netherlands

  • Last.fm Spiral

    Weekly chart visualisation for your Top Artists. See how you listen.

  • built by acoil

    49, Male, United States

  • Lastimer

    Personalized time-based charts of your last.fm music.

  • Last Music Map

    Locate global events by your favourite artists with this Last.fm and Google…

  • LastTweet

    Puts your recent tweets inside Last.fm's sidebar!

  • LastVJ

    LastVJ plays videos of your favourite artists on YouTube and scrobble the…

  • MoneyCalc

    MoneyCalc is a little tool that calculates how much money it would cost to buy…

  • built by yuimai

    36, Male, Japan

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