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  • MusicRambler

    Wander through your music-scape with this, Google Maps & Flickr…

  • Musicroamer

    Enter an artist or tag and interactively browse related artists. Also enter…

  • MusixMashup

    MusixMashup brings YouTube and content to your browser.

  • NowLyrics

    You want to see the lyrics of the track you are currently listening to? Just…

  • built by mortenj

    Male, United States

  • PhotoMusaic

    Build a photo mosaic from your favourite album covers.

  • Planner

    Import events data and create your festival planners!

  • built by QOAL

    31, Male, United Kingdom

  • RAMA

    Relational Artists Maps

  • Scatter.FM

    Plot all of your scrobbles on one graph. See your entire listening history.

  • Shared Playlists

    A site for Spotify users to share playlists. Integrates a users recent tracks…

  • Spicy Mocha

    Visually explore the music universe and be surprised.

  • built by GACS

    29, Male, Brazil

  • Taste-o-graph

    Using the API and the springgraph flex component, this flex application…

  • Tour Hacker

    See where your favorite musicians are headed on tour.

  • Wavelength

    Build and listen live to playlists with your friends.

  • built by alairock

    30, Male, United States

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