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  • aTunes

    aTunes is a full-featured audio player and organizer.

  • built by Flo_La

    37, Male, Germany

  • boxsocial

    Party mode for Last.fm - boxsocial lets you copy scrobbles to your Last.fm…

  • built by jammus

    37, United Kingdom

  • built by na1k_

    27, Male, Czech Republic

  • built by lam_

    40, Male, France

  • exfm

    Scrobble music from sites around the web - Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr,…

  • FlipSide

    Scrobble whilst listening to music on your Blackberry.

  • FriendScrobbler

    FriendScrobber scrobbles songs simultaneously from one account to another.

  • built by Hanzomon23

    31, Male, Korea, Republic of

  • built by andruun

    28, Male, United States

  • built by cstroie

    37, Male, Romania

  • My Cloud Player

    Advanced online audio player powered by SoundCloud, Last.fm, EchoNest.com and…

  • My Media System

    My Media System is a media-driven system for easy movie and audio playback,…

  • built by arj03

    34, Male, Denmark

  • Napster Scrobbler

    NapsterScrobbler is a tool for submitting songs played with Napster to your…

  • Noizemapper

    noizemapper is a innovative music player that offers a new approach to display…

  • Pocket Scrobbler

    Enables scrobbling on Windows Mobile devices using Windows Media Player.

  • QTScrobbler

    Update your last.fm profile using information from portable player.

  • built by richpr

    50, Male, Canada

  • built by ctd1500

    29, Male, United States

  • scroblr

    chrome/safari scrobbler for pandora, grooveshark, we7, amazon, google,…

  • built by cgnost

    35, Male, United States

  • Setlist Scrobbler

    Register for this service and it will scrobble the setlists found on SongKick…

  • built by eartle

    35, Male, United Kingdom

  • built by lizrice

    Female, United States

  • built by ben-xo

    34, Male, United Kingdom

  • TouchCopy

    Update Last.fm playing music from your iPod through your PC.

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