Chrome Scrobbler

What it does

Scrobble music videos all around the web with this Google Chrome extension! scrobbler was created for people who enjoy their music online. The aim of this extension is to cover as many music video sites as possible.

Currently supports (alphabetically):
- 22 Tracks
- 8tracks
- Amazon (, com, de)
- AOL Radio
- Baidu Music
- Bandcamp
- Daytrotter
- Deezer
- Douban Programme
- Fizy
- Focus@Will
- Ghostly Discovery
- Google Play Music
- Grooveshark
- HillyDilly
- iHeart
- Indie Shuffle
- Jango
- Le Tourne Disque
- Megalyrics
- Moje Polskie Radio
- MySpace
- Nova Planet
- Pandora
- Pitchfork
- Radio+ Belgium
- Rdio
- Reddit Playlister
- Slacker (iframe)
- Slacker (main page)
- Songza
- SoundCloud
- Spotify
- Thesixtyone
- TTNET Müzik
- Tuba.FM
- Turntable
- Virgin Radio Turkiye
- VK
- Weborama
- Xbox Music
- YouTube
- Z-Music
- Zvooq


When you firstly come to a supported website a new tab opens where you have to authorize the extension to use the API. You need to do this only once, when the extension is firstly installed; it isn't needed on updates (which are automatic, of course).

The status of scrobbler is shown in the omnibox (the addres field) on the right by the icon. Optionally you can enable desktop notifications and Youtube specific statuses (as shown on the extension preview).
Note that it may take a while to contact the server and the "Scrobbling" text won't be added until server confirms the reqest.

If the song doesn't get recognized, you can manually correct the title by clicking on the scrobbler icon. (This works only when song is not recognized - question mark icon.)

To temporarily disable scrobbling, click the status icon in the omnibox.


Opera version:

How to get it?

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  • built by na1k_

    27, Male, Czech Republic

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