What it does

Visualises how diverse your listening habits are, and ranks you alongside other users on the Hall of Fame. visualizes your music listening habits and shows whether you are often burning single songs into your brain by repeating them over and over again or if you prefer listening to different songs of the same artist equally.

For each artist you are provided with (your) total artist playcount, number of different tracks of that artist in your library and a ribbon which visualizes songs shares in total artist playcount.

Diversity coefficient is calculated for each artist as well. it gets calculated as entropy (information content) where lower coefficient value means you often repeat certain artist tracks and higher coefficient value means you often listen to more different tracks of an artist in more evenly spread amounts. Diversity coefficient rankings can be seen in HoF (hall of fame)

How to get it?

Available at:

  • built by pootzko

    29, Male, Croatia

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