What it does

A jQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin that populates the given element with album artwork from the top albums of a given user over an arbitrary period of time, along with some neat 3d css transforms.

Last.fm provides an awesome service called scrobbling. Using provided software, every time you listen to music from a variety of different sources, data about your listening is logged or 'scrobbled' to the cloud. jQuery.last.fm usess their REST api to leverage that data.

Currently, the primary functionality is to take the most listened to albums by a user over an arbitrary ammount of time, and show artwork in a grid as below. jQuery.last.fm can be configured to show details about the users' listening of that album on hover, or on click.

Heavy inspiration drawn from rdio tiles, written by a co-worker. You can check out a demo on his home page.

Drop lfm.css and jquery.last.fm.js in your project, call the line below and you are good to go. It's that simple!

How to get it?

Available at: http://alexcash.github.io/jQuery.last.fm/


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