What it does

noizemapper is a innovative music player that offers a new approach to display and interact with your mp3 library

Noizemapper is a music player developed with a different visual concept from the others traditional players like Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar, etc. It focus on giving to users a new way to interact with their music libraries and organize them.

Noizemapper allows you to see your music as beautiful trees of artists, connected by similarity. It features an innovative and interactive interface that lets you re-discover your music library.

Main Features:

- MP3 music player;
- Automatic organization of your music as trees of artists, connected by
- Total customization of your library visualization;
- Powerful MP3 tag editor;
- Scrobbling with;
- Easy to start using. Just download, run and drag your music into the
application. You don't have to go through an installation process;
- Only requires Java.

How to get it?

Available at:

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