Music Quilt Screensaver

What it does

Get your own personalized screensaver here – brought to you by Motorola.

Download the software and type in your username or a tag. Check out the Readme for further details.

Download the new screensaver, now without expiration date:

English (EN) for Windows
English (EN) for Mac OS X

Español (ES) for Windows
Español (ES) for Mac OS X

Deutsch (DE) for Windows
Deutsch (DE) for Mac OS X

Polski (PL) for Windows
Polski (PL) for Mac OS X

Italiano (IT) for Windows
Italiano (IT) for Mac OS X

Руccкий (RU) for Windows
Руccкий (RU) for Mac OS X

Français (FR) for Windows
Français (FR) for Mac OS X

Note: The screensaver might take a while to load your images, but no need to worry they will show up.

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United Kingdom

How to get it?

Available at:

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